Texas Physicians Are Known For Their Independence

We're Known For Making Independence Worth Their While

The Physician

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The Patient

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The Payor

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“We are working to preserve the option for physicians who want to remain as independent entrepreneurs of their own private practices, so communities and patients don’t have to rely on the total corporatization of medicine to control costs and improve quality”
Dr. Walton, TXCIN President & CEO

The Overview

North Texas CIN, Inc. (dba TXCIN) is a non-profit network of primary care and specialty care providers in Texas who have aligned on a single collaborative platform to optimize cross-specialty standards of care, monitor outcome performance, and collaborate with payors to optimize delivery of care for their patient populations.

The founding members of TXCIN are independent physicians who discovered that payors are anxious to work with quality-minded independent physicians and are willing to financially reward those physicians who assist them in lowering costs while maintaining high levels of patient care. ​ more…

In 2014, TXCIN’s pre-cursor Genesis saved Medicare $10.9M on 16,800 patients
earning $1.8M in shared savings rewards for it’s physician members. 

The Results

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Dr. Robert Aikens


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Dr. Karen Donder

General Physician

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Dr. Mark Phlerens


Breaking News

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Our Partner

revelationmd280TXCIN is proud to partner with companies who share our philosophy for maintaining the strength of the independent physician. One of our key partnerships is with revelationMD, which owns the supporting technology, mpactMD. more…

Get in Touch

For more information : info@txcin.org
Phone : (469) 573-1090
Fax : (469) 250-1699

Mailing Address:
17300 Preston Rd. #160
Dallas, TX  75252