Shared Savings Is Only The Beginning!

Here are the benefits of joining TXCIN:

Performance Informatics

It’s true, data is the currency of our generation. And did you know that nearly everything you do as a provider produces data? Lab results, Imaging, E/M claims, Diagnosis and procedure codes, etc. all tell a story about the care you deliver to your patients. At TXCIN, we believe that physicians should be in control of their own data and that if anyone should benefit financially from the monetization of this data it should be the physician. By participating in Performance Informatics, TXCIN physicians have a unique opportunity to realize financial return from their data – all conducted in a controlled, HIPAA-compliant and legal delivery platform.


As a completely physician-owned organization, participating physicians have the opportunity to purchase shares of equity in Physicians Integrated Network (PIN), the parent organization of TXCIN. As PIN grows and expands into new markets, dividends are distributed among its stakeholders. Physicians can truly own a piece of their future!

Get MACRA / MIPS Ready

From MIPS to APM’s, the reality of MACRA is here. Are you ready? Whether it’s new quality reporting guidelines, clinical improvement activities or changes to Meaningful Use requirements, many physicians are struggling to understand the financial and operational impact of new MACRA legislation.

Financial Return

As a completely physician-owned organization, TXCIN is unique in its commitment to passing along more dollars to its physician partners.

Per Member Per Month

Providers who participate in one or more of our commercial agreements are eligible to earn a PMPM payment on their attributed patients.

Shared Savings

Each value-based agreement carries with it the opportunity for shared savings. As TXCIN physicians work together with each other as well as our ancillary partners, they have the opportunity to share in the savings generated by the coordination of these efforts. In many cases these bonus dollars represent a significant income stream for independent practices.

Physician FAQ

Question: How much does it cost to join TXCIN?

Answer: Joining TXCIN is free for participating physicians and is done at the TIN level. Costs for the services are deducted from incremental value-based payments that TXCIN helps you earn. Your existing fee-for service contract revenue is not affected.

Question: Is the Performance Informatics Legal?

Answer: Yes! We built our program with guidance and input from some of the leading healthcare legal minds in the country to ensure that TXCIN’s Performance Informatics fall squarely within federal and state safe harbor guidelines.

Question: How are these value-based agreements going to impact my practice workflow?

Answer: The landscape of healthcare has changed significantly over the past decade. As physicians continue making the mental and operational shift from fee-for-service to fee-for-value, we are committed to keeping workflow disruptions to a minimum. That’s why with TXCIN you’ll never be required to adopt a particular EHR or implement intrusive IT hardware. Our job is to provide you with the tools, feedback and contracts designed to help you be more profitable. How you incorporate them into our existing workflow is up to you.

Question: Can I join even if my IPA isn’t participating?

Answer: Yes, you can join independently of a participating IPA. Your existing fee-for-service contracts are unchanged – they are the basis for the relationship with the commercial payers that provides access to the value-based-payment agreements.

Question: What commercial value-based agreements can I participate in?

Answer: We currently have commercial agreements with Aetna and BCBS with more on the way. As an independent physician, you are free to engage in as many or as few contracts as you want.

How to Join TXCIN

To join you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  • Sign TXCIN Provider Participation Agreement and Business Associate Agreement
  • Complete Election to Participate Form for each payer in which you choose to participate
  • Complete W-9 Form (must match with the IRS)
  • Register for our partner, RevelationMD’s, clinical integration platform, MpactMD