How Our Clinically Integrated Network Works

North Texas Clinically Integrated Network, Inc. (dba TXCIN) is a non-profit network of primary care and specialty care physicians and providers in Texas who have aligned on a single collaborative platform to optimize cross-specialty standards of care, monitor outcome performance, and collaborate with payers to optimize delivery of care for their patient populations.

The founding members of TXCIN are independent physicians who discovered that payers are anxious to work with quality-minded independent physicians and are willing to financially reward those physicians who assist them in lowering costs while maintaining high levels of patient care.

Finally, within the collaboration of our clinically integrated network, physicians can gain feedback on their patterns of care, service and expense relative to their peers. This creates a natural and productive competitive behavioral environment, which is a natural extension of their experience while in medical school. This approach flows naturally and is safely supported because it is nondisruptive, yet allows improvement in areas where their outcomes may not be competitive on price or outcome quality.

Successful collaboration is based on the connective technology of mpactMD, but requires more than just the technology. Communication with each practice and provider by our integration specialists regarding their workflows is critical in integrating mpactMD in a way that will work seamlessly for the practice. Integration is a core competence and a growing intellectual property for revelationMD.

Quality Improvement

At TXCIN, we strive to achieve excellence in quality care and cost effectiveness. Our priority is to provide performance ratings that our members can compare with national and regional benchmarks to promote continual performance improvement. Read more >

Education & Training

TXCIN members receive up-to-date information on best practices, government guidelines, industry news, and regulations to help practices run more efficiently. Read more >