About Koan Health

After creating breakthrough technologies for revenue cycle management, we founded Koan Health in 2012 to pursue a broader vision of healthcare value. In our earlier work, we discovered waste, disorganization and disparities in care that increase costs and reduce the system’s ability to actually improve health for patients and populations.

Today, we’re helping achieve the shared goal of optimal healthcare value with a more personalized approach to care.

Koan’s sophisticated predictive analytics enable organizations to do the right things for patients—at the right time, in the right amount and in the right setting. Through integrated data, tools and support, we empower early intervention and education that help patients better manage chronic and complex conditions.

Healthier patients mean lower health care costs. And in a pay-for-performance world of at-risk, accountable care, lower costs mean greater health for the organizations we serve. A vibrant healthcare system creating healthier patients and populations—it’s the win-win scenario we’re all working toward.

*Above content taken from Koan’s website, http://www.koanhealth.com/about/

We encourage you to read through their website to learn more.